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Welcome to the Appointment Resource Center. Visit this area to find our appointment calender link to view available open appointment times you like to request and documents to help you prepare for your upcoming tax appointment. If you like to request a time shown available please call, email or send a text. 

Monique Direct: (559)871-5176

Monique Appointment Calender Link  - You can book appointment now live via this link 

Patricia Direct: (559)871-1028 (se habla espanol)

Item and information will be continually added to this area based upon your needs. If there is a preparation topic or a item you would like to see added, please send an email. Your feedback is important.

Individiual Tax Payer Resources:

2019 Individual Taxpayer Organizer

2019 Individual Taxpayer Organizer-Sole Proprietorship

2019 Individual Taxpayer Organizer-Rental Properties

2019 Engagement - Individual Taxpayers

For All Tax Payers:

 2019 Fair Market Value Guide

Corporate, Fiduciaries, Partnership and LLC Resources

2019 C Corporation Organizer

2019 C Corporation Engagement Letter

2019 S Corporation Orgainizer 

2019 S Corporation Engagement Letter

2019 Partnership Organizer 

2019 Partnership Engagement Letter

2019 LLC Organizer

2019 Fiduciary 1041 Engagement Letter


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